N°3 - Janvier/January 2021



ARG The Circle of Memory


A TV series and / as virtual exhibition



Based on Urban Archives, a project initiated and curated by Alexander Schellow


Director and Realization TV Series : Jules Urban


Sound: Marius Escande


Environment carrefour 21 Décembre : Jules Urban


3D model : Monsieur Pimpant / Orson Rouffignac / Samuel Cordat / Clémence Fontaine / Léa Barrachina


Participants a.o.: ARG (Milena Desse, Anton Henne, Olivia Molnar, Myriam Raccah, Alexander Schellow, Jules Urban, Nicolas Wouters), Jeremy Bosch, Judith Conde, Samuel Cordat, Tiphaine Leverne, Giordana Vedova


In collaboration with ergTV


With the kind support of Project(ion) Room Brussels, EPOKA University Tirana, The Albanian National Film Archives AQSHF


Production: AnimLAB



The 21 December crossroad is located in Tirana, capital of Albania, near the historical centre of the city. It has all the characteristics of a functional crossroad. It could even be called a 'classic' intersection, as it allows the different traffic flows (pedestrians, cars, public transport) to move around. To each of these flows, different traffic lights are assigned, synchronised with each other, so that any agent can move without an accident, so that lanes are not blocked and everyone can reach their destination. In a way, this intersection is a place of transition.

Originally planned as a performance in the physical space of the Brussels Project(ion) Room, the re-enactment of the crossroad’s week-long observation was newly conceived under the conditions of COVID-19 as an online „place“. It took place in April 2020 — exactly one year after the primary observation —  in a reconstructed 3D environment. For 5 days, live transmissions were realized, during which the space of the road junction was reconstructed in real size in a collaborative effort. Through guest appearances, feeds and overlays in streaming, a public space fragmented under the conditions of lockdown materialised online as a poetic-documentary no-man's-land.

Currently facing the next lockdown CROSSROAD re-appropriates the once established "public" space and transforms it once again, this time into a TV series produced for ergTV as the space of a time-based exhibition. This production represents the second PLACE contribution within ARG’s process around The Circle Of Memory. In six episodes/perspectives we present protocols, interviews, readymade propaganda film posters, films, documents and fragments of artistic researches of recent years, by various participants based on an Urban Lab (Urban Archives) initiated in 2019 in Tirana.